Practice will be held on Wednesday June 23rd and Thursday June 24th

Wed 23rd
7:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Protection Practice
10:15 AM – 1:15 PM
Obedience Practice
Thu 24th
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Protection Practice
11:15 AM – 3:00 PM
Obedience Practice

  • The actual practice sign up will be posted on June 12th for you to consider and study
  • Competitors will be contacted to sign up for practice in the order in which they registered.
  • Each competitor may sign up for one 5 minute obedience slot and one 5 minute protection slot. You may go with a group.
  • One person may sign up others in their group.
  • You may sign up for obedience and protection on different days.
  • The sign up process will start on Wednesday June 16th
  • We will follow up with a more detailed practice sign up email on June 12th.
  • For those of you coming alone, you can let us know and we will, with your permission, form an email group for competitors coming alone to consider teaming up for practice time.

Attention Competitors: Between now and the 16th, please make sure your documents are in order. Some of you submitted documents that are not fully legible or documents with an expiration date that passed or will have expired by June 1. We will not formalize the practice time of any competitor who does not provide all legible documents. You will be receiving a notice if we need a clearer copy or updated membership card, etc. this week. If you do not receive anything, that means your entry is perfect (Thank You).

Practice sign up will go as following (EST):

  • 1:00PM - competitors catalog #s 1-5
  • 1:10PM - competitors catalog #s 6-10
  • 1:20PM - competitors catalog #s 11-15
  • 1:30PM - competitors catalog #s 16-20
  • 1:40PM - competitors catalog #s 21-25
  • 1:50PM - competitors catalog #s 26-30
  • 2:00PM - competitors catalog #s 31-35
  • 2:10PM - competitors catalog #s 36-40
  • 2:20PM - competitors catalog #s 41-45
  • 2:30PM - competitors catalog #s 46-50
  • 2:40PM - competitors catalog #s 51-55
  • 2:50PM - competitors catalog #s 56-60
  • 3:00PM - competitors catalog #s 61-65
  • 3:10PM - competitors catalog #s 66-70

Click HERE for the 2021 AWDF SIGN UP

If you are unable to sign up for your practice sessions during your time allotted, please review and study your options and email your top 3 picks to this email by June 15th. We will try to schedule your first pick for you. If you did not sign up during your given time, don't worry it will stay open all day for you to sign up. The only factor that could jeopardize your being able to pick your preferred practice time is a failure of you or someone in your group from submitting all the proper documents such as a current rabies certificate, valid membership card, etc. THANK YOU.

Practice Field

Swatara Creek Park
151 S Hanover St.
Hershey, PA 17033


  • SATURDAY - 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Practice Tracking